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Washington Mutuals Assets Department, since around June, has not been allowing for verbal authorizations to be given to third parties by the homeowners over the phone. Basically, for those who don’t know, when it is necessary for a lender to speak to a third party, this would be someone who is not the borrower/debtor/homeowner, they must be authorized in writing to follow FDCPA Guidelines. When someone is not fully authorized most lenders will allow for their client/borrower to verify their information in order to authorize any other parties that they feel fit. The main point of this article is because this rule doesn’t seem to have really come into play more recently. They claim that it is currently a Chase guideline that is being enforced but it doesn’t seem to be adding up.

In a recent contact attempt we were speaking with a Non-Assets department it seems that they must not be under the same guidelines. They were able to accept a verbal authorization right there on the spot. So as much as you’d think that it is a company wide guideline it seems like not everybody is under the same management guidelines. It is possible that somewhere in the past the lender had some sort of complication with a borrower and this has molded company policy.