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Wachovia, either because a large amount of identity theft or because they’ve been caught in problems for violating the FDCPA, has enough time on their hands to receive Authorizations to Release information but are sending out another letter once that letter is processed by them. The letter that arrives requests that the borrower also send in their driver’s license.

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This is not a Wells Fargo Mortgage or America‘s Servicing Company procedure during the short sale process or the loan modification process. Even though they have been acquired by Wells Fargo it does not seem that they have been working under the same guidelines. Just another example of how large companies find a disconnect between upper management and that which actually plays on the floor. Please find the verbiage of the Letter of Authorization that is sent out below.

Thank you for contacting Wachovia Mortgage regarding allowing a third party to receive information on the above referenced loan. To c0mpletethe request, please fill out the form below or submit a form that includes all items listed below.
Please forward documentation to Wachovia Mortgage, Attn: Document Review T7408-011, PO Box 659558, San Antonio, TX 78265, or fax to:
Should you have any questions, please contact us at 800-642-0257 Monday through Friday, 9 am to 9 pm, and Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Time.
Customer Support Operations
Loan Service Department
Loan Number:
Authorization to Release Information
I autliorize Wachovia Mortgage to release information regarding my real estate loan referenced above to the follqwing person named below.
Name of authorized third party:
Third party may not be a business, but must be an individual person.
Password to identify authorized third party (optional):
Expiration Date (optional):
*Unless a specific date is given, the authorization will be effective for the live of the loan.
Borrower’s Authorization signature
Printed Name and Date:
Last four digits of Borrower’s SSN:
Please return with a copy of your Driver’s License or other form of
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