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Recently a homeowner on an active loan modification plan was foreclosed on even though they were making their payments according to their arrangement. As these types of issues become more common place we feel that this is the reason why it is important to work with the right team of individuals to represent the homeowners. Even a team like ours can not always avoid these issues as it is a problem with the bank’s servicing of its own loans but with good documentation many times these situations can be avoided. In many cases we have had to fight all the way to the top to get our deals done and knowing the right people to contact can make all the difference in the world. Though these homeowner might end up finding a solution to their problem many others do not. Foreclosed and let out in the cold many homeowners find that after doing their best to keep the property that was just not enough.

We have seen this play out with IndyMac mortgage services where recently we had to fight with management to rescind a sale that had happened on one of our clients files and it took almost 30 days! At least in this case it paid to know the right people but many others we would imagine are not quite as lucky.