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Scott Pelley reports on the mortgage crisis that’s far from over, with a second wave of expected defaults on the way that could deepen the bottom of the U.S. recession.

Short Sales are becoming the next big bomb to blow up in peoples hands that have little to no experience. We do the short sale processing for the top real estate firms in the United States and have great success helping the homeowner’s get out of the property minimizing the impact on them. While a foreclosure credit impact is more around an estimated 250 points a short sale credit impact will generally fall around an estimated 50-80 points.

Did you know that real estate professionals have little to know experience managing short sale process? We can work with any agents processing the entire application for the short sale for both the homeowner/debtor and the agent. We do our short sale processing FREE of charge and only get paid from the proceeds of the sale. We partner with the agents and earn together from a portion of the agent’s commission. This commission is already being earned so it is at no additional cost to the homeowner and pre-approved by their current mortgage holders.

That’s right, NO ADDITIONAL COSTS TO THE HOMEOWNER. All fees are covered in the transaction and approved by the lender or multiple lenders that currently hold liens against the property.

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