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In our recent discussion with PNC Mortgage, not PNC Bank, on behalf of one of the short sales we were representing it seemed that they to be tightening their belts more than anyone else. We for one seemed to think that it is strange that if the government is pushing these programs to help homeowners such as HAFA why are they pushing so hard to foreclose. Actually as of recently PNC Mortgage has requested that 3rd party short sale negotiators not to submit any short sales within 10 days prior to a foreclosure sale date with out strict management approval. If the package and all the items haven’t been received then it is no go on your client’s short sale submission.

Anyone read HAFA? Well I guess that they didn’t get the message! Post up your comments cause we can’t be the only ones thinking it. We’re almost at the place where we feel that we may need to start a petition here.

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