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We here at Mortgage Lender Report (MLReport.com) due to the great response we have been receiving from the community have added an addition that we feel everyone will benefit from. We received hundreds of questions in our pursuit to keep the market up to date about the mortgage guidelines and problems that it seems everyone is dealing with. Well because we feel that many times if someone has a question it is most likely that many someones have that same question in mind. Well, why not put it all in one place online?

That’s what were going for. We encourage that everyone participates and the more questions we ask the more that people find the answers that they seek. There are no bad questions only the differentiation between good and bad answers. The internet is full of BAD answers. With our internal knowledge of the banking system (having worked there myself for many many years deal with around 600 homeowners a month and all plans ranging from short sales to loan modification, forbearance plans to foreclosure postponements, and all the way to deed in lieu of foreclosure).

The best part is that at the end of the day with all our experience there are still answers that we may not know and with this in many cases with our contacts at the banks we can get the information directly from the lenders themselves. As a second fold the community is there to back us up. So as a team (the real estate community and our mortgage negotiation professionals) we hope will be able to answer many of the questions out there.

Feel free to create links on the posts that you like on our blog that connect with conversations you maybe having about the topic in the forums. Feel free to get creative and the admins will be open to look to help you implement those ideas.

Be kind to others and please respect everyone’s ideas. There are no stupid questions so ask away your mortgage lender concerns.

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