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We here at MLReport know how important it is to find the information that you need when trying to deal with the mortgage servicing industry. When it comes to mortgage lenders it is not ever surprising to get a new number just about every time you call to some new department that disconnects you after a 45 minute wait. We feel your pain and we’ve decided to help. Due to the volume that we work in we have already taken the initiative to add information on about 50+ banks and we expect this to double or triple in the near future as well as getting more intricate as time goes by. Along with virtually every online Wiki Community it is the Coummunity that largely comes together to provide the content. We are providing the platform but the rest will rely on contributions of others.

To take this all one step further we have gone ahead and added information on foreclosures in all 50 states.

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The Lender-Pedia can be accessed by going to the url http://www.mlreport.com/bank-info-wiki/. Happy searching.

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