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Where many are taking it upon themselves to make things worse it is nice to see that at least one servicer isn’t. Litton Loan Servicing, though known for it’s terrible loan modification process, is at least taking a few steps in the right direction. The government’s HAFA program put out by the Treasury and largely backed by the Obama administration was set out to allow the homeowner up to 14 days to reply to the SSA or finding themselves permanently declined from any further review. At least with Litton that has been interpreted but taken to the next level.

LLS has taken the treasury’s 14 days and has extended this time frame for its client up to 30 days. Now, during this time frame is important to still act quickly and review your options. If you have been declined for a modification and are still requesting for the HAMP agreement to be reviewed you must try to reapply prior to the 30 days after a decline. If not the most important part in order to participate in the HAFA program is to get your property listed and get the lender all the requested documents.

Now it is important to note that we have seen for our clients that this rule even pushed farther to its limits when the HAFA letter has expired and special decisions were made to allow the client to continue their participation in the program. The Home Affordability Foreclosure Alternatives program was first put out to help homeowners but if you don’t take advantage of it or work with the right professionals you can find yourself with the chips stacked against you.

If you have had a problem with Litton it is important to reach out to the right people and ask the right questions. Have further questions post them below.