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In this industry knowing all the details can be the crucial key between getting your client what they need and on the other hand a client receiving a decline. That is why this is new section where we are informing the community in yet another vital place. As one can never say that any situation in life is an all or nothing type situation this is definitely not an exception to the rule. Therefore, we will keep it at almost all lenders had an imaging system. What is an imaging system? Well, when a party send a document to a lender the document unless being sent to a personal fax is usually received in an electronic format. A lender like Chase mortgage lender like this has hundreds of faxes coming in a day and has dozens of agents sorting through the system in order to associate the faxes to the correct accounts.

Chase imaging system is called “Guardian”. These systems sometimes go down and not all agents have access to them. It is important to always ask if the items being submitted to a lender were received and are showing up in the imaging system for all important personals viewing of the items.