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We receive frequent inquiries from our readers and our clients regularly about finding assistance for their Multi-unit properties. While there are programs for non-owner occupied properties or investor properties the treasury has made sure that the HAMP, which only focuses on primary residences, takes into consideration those that do live in their Multi-unit residences. Due to valuation difference between homes that have 1 unit or Single Family Residences (SFR) and those properties with 2 or more unit the program has been adapted to meet those homeowner’s needs. HAMP Rules currently provide the guidelines that those in a SFR, in order to find assistance, at a maximum amount owed of 729,750 for SFR. If our client finds that they have a duplex (2 units) and they owe a maximum 934,200  they too can find assistance. Well, only going down the track of what makes sense, those out there with Triplexes (3 Unit) and Quadplexes (4 Unit) homes will find assistance for their properties up to 1,129,250 for a 3 unit property and 1,403,400 for a 4 unit property.

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