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Today we received the message below from the CEO of Equator just was we are sure many of you did as well. Finally someone is calling you out and its the big brother! In a bold statement the e-mail was titled:

Have you jumped on the Short Sale bandwagon yet?

Well we’ll be the first ones to tell you that we’ve been running this wagon raw for years but its a true statement none the less. You know that there are still agents that don’t know what a short sale is? Agents that know what a short sale is but won’t to them! Even with companies such as ACG who process short sales completely for the agents and homeowners (that means that agents sell the home just like in any other sale for them in past years when this wasn’t a problem) and many are still turning away from this process because of all the headaches. We continue to see problems and with systems in place like the one found at Equator.com some of those headaches are gone but people still not doing their jobs is still a major factor here.

Read the comments below… are you missing out? Give us a call at 888-934-3444 if your having trouble or post up your concerns in the comment sections below.

Equator is now processing Short Sale properties at a nearly two-to-one rate over REO properties; in more exact numbers, that’s 55,000 Short Sales to 28,000 REOs. If you’re interested in expanding your portfolio by selling Short Sale properties, the best way to get involved is to become Equator Short Sale Certified.

In the past, Agents shied away from Short Sales because the time to complete them took so long-often six months or more. Equator has dramatically improved that time by automating the process and bringing everyone together in a safe and transparent environment. To date, over 175,000 Short Sales have been initiated through Equator. The average time from initial contact to receiving closing funds is just over two months! One Short Sale in Florida had a BPO, two rounds of offer negotiations and an investor approval all completed in 9 days! Faster completion means faster commission for you! Short Sales are the wave of the foreseeable future and a great solution that Equator has made faster and easier.

To help Agents maximize short sale opportunities, Equator created its Short Sale Certification program. Lenders and Homeowners search the 694,000 agents on Equator to assign REOs and Short Sale listings. They rely on Certification to know who is knowledgeable and dedicated. Certified Agents show up at the top of the search results and have their Certification icon next to their name. Does it work? Nearly 70% of all Real Estate agents nationwide are on Equator, but only 1% of those agents are certified and they have been receiving 21% of the listings! Clearly, lenders and homeowners searching for agents in the EQ Marketplace value Equator’s Certified status.

Visit www.equator.com today and click on “Agent Certification” under the “Member Center” tab in your Agent Workstation to get started.

Thank you,
Chris Saitta, CEO