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Starting July 1st Chase continued down their path of their slowest merger ever with EMC (Guinness Book of World Records currently weighing out if they qualify for any records). By Chase opening up their Collections Department and other Loss Mitigation Departments to this they hope to start servicing their EMC portfolio in order to help with the overflow. The Chase employees are still working in different portals and are using tools to differentiate what type of loans that you are calling in about but all of Chase’s Departments should be able to begin to help you with all your EMC needs. Though this merger has taken years there are still complaints from Chase Home Loan workers that are saying the EMC systems are antiquated and run very slowly. We are sure that this will continue to improve but it has definitely added to the run around.

There are still dozens of telephone numbers for different departments that are being provided, some that direct you to EMC’s different departments and many that are now directing you back to Chase. In fact some numbers that you call are specifically asking you if you are either with EMC or with Chase. This is sure to continue to cause confusion to those that don’t deal with the system every day (like the average homeowner or even real estate professional).