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Chase, one of the mega Goliaths in the mortgage servicing industry is about to start a major renovation on their phone systems. In a conversation the other day with a representative in the Executive Office it was divulged to one of our negotiators that there were going to be some major changes in the phone system taking place over the next couple of weeks. Often as technology changes it is important to try to accomplish two major things, increase your Average Speed of Answer (ASA) and try to get people to where they are trying to get to.

In this case Chase has had a large growth, over the past couple of years, with all its acquisitions (including: Washington Mutual and Bear Stearns (EMC)). Now, more than ever a calibration of their phone system will hopefully do the trick to reign in this parade and get it under control. Monday, April 11th 2011, starting with the Washington Mutual (Florida Division) of the company, the phone systems will begin to change and we should see new numbers emerging around the bend.

In order to contact Washington Mutual, EMC, or Chase, you will call in to the older numbers and we have been advised that there should be a prompt directing you to the new numbers.