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Most lenders have a habit of waiting for the last minute to take care of anything important. Well, Chase is no exception to the rule. Chase will wait to as late in the game as possible prior to postponing the foreclosure sale. Well the issue is not so much that they end up waiting till the last minute but more so that when they wait till the last minute if something comes up, a missing documents or the need to complete some sort of other remedial task, they will blame you because of their lack of preparation. You can try to postpone the sale prior to this but they wont even bother till the sale date is within 72 hours away.

It is important to be prepared, though you can not always prepare for everything, but at the end of the day it is a short sale negotiators job to pull on their experiences to get the job done. We process hundreds of short sale for agents, attorneys, clients and anyone who needs assistance with their short sales and it is this experience the helps us get the job done. Working with the right team can make all the difference in the world!