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Needless to say CalHFA’s  review of loan modification is weak and at best they don’t even look to see if you have your basic requirements for living are met. Many times you will find that they will go through multiple level’s of management prior to actually making approvals on loan modifications, same goes as well for declines, but in many cases they over look the homeowner’s situation for those who are trying to to find assistance. We have seen in the past where they have gone ahead and over looked utilities as important as the electricity in order to squeeze people into their programs.

From the CalHFA’s site.

News & Updates:

Because CalHFA has its own loan modification program in place, CalHFA loans are not eligible for HAMP and are not affected by the recent changes. If you have further questions, please speak with your loan servicer, or visit the HAMP web site at www.makinghomeaffordable.gov.
Loan Servicing’s new office address: 1040 Riverside Parkway, Suite 110, West Sacramento, CA 95605. This will affect you only if you hand-deliver or use an overnight delivery service to submit your payment.
U.S. Mail delivery address is unchanged: P.O. Box 13819 Sacramento, CA 95853-3819
CalHFA Loan Modification Program read more(Go their site for details — Link Below)
Attention Borrowers: If you are having problems or anticipate having problems making your mortgage payments please read this important message.

In addition to offering a wide array of innovative affordable housing programs, CalHFA performs the loan servicing function for some of CalHFA’s Single Family first loans, all CalHFA Subordinate loans (seconds, thirds, etc.), and some CalSTRS second loans.

CalHFA’s Loan Servicing provides customer service for these loans. Whether you have questions regarding the terms of your loan, a payoff figure, due date, or you are just checking for the current balance, we provide timely and convenient online access to your loan details.

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