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Would you think that they would let the homeowner’s get off easily for that long? Well it seems that Fannie is back at it again. This time at Bank of America with a whole slue of new hoops for the very tax payers keeping their doors open. In this case it seems their latest attempt to make it difficult for struggling homeowners they have instated a new HAFA qualification process that could delay the process even further by having many homeowners who had previously opted into the HAFA program to have to call back the lender to opt in again. Well in essence that sounds pretty harmless but besides the lender requesting for you to call back in and answer possibly the same questions that you answer before there is a new auditing process that the then trigger in which the homeowner has to wait now for a call back from the Fannie Mae Auditing Department at Bank of America in order to go through another gauntlet of questions before they are allowed to go ahead with the government provided help in the HAFA Program.

For not biting the hand that feeds you I am surprised that any of us tax payers still have our fingers left. FNMA continues to change its guidelines and in a line of business where the rules change every day stay tuned to MLReport.com for your latest news.