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This is often a question that we receive from our clients and the Agents we work with. Really, it’s hard to say because it all depends on whether the lender is going to counter back again on any of the terms. Until the offer is submitted to the investor anything may still happen and to assume otherwise would be crazy. In fact it is possible that this hasn’t even seen the light of day and in many cases the actual investor or even more importantly in some cases the mortgage insurer haven’t even seen the offer yet to give their approval. Consider these the steps towards an approval because the servicer is not going to submit an offer to its investors that it knows its client(s) wouldn’t accept.

Having built your cases correctly from the beginning you can avoid unnecessary back and forth, deficiencies or delinquencies waived with no mortgage notes for many of your clients, and most importantly complete sales in a much more reasonable amount of time than the average agent is used to. Buyer tax incentives are going to run out and every day counts.

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