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Starting in 2005, Absolute Consultant Group’s(ACG) counselors sought out to solve mortgage problems no longer from the confines of Countrywide’s Loss Mitigation Department. At that time they were part of one of the largest lenders in the world helping service a portfolio topping a trillion dollars.  Since then ACG has set its self a part by helping thousands of homeowners. With a focus on not just one type of program such as short sales or loan modifications ACG has been bringing Premier Loss Mitigation Services to Large Real Estate Firms and Homeowners nationwide.
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By providing a gamut of services that lenders have available to their borrowers; from completing short refinances to loan modifications to deed-in-lieus of foreclosure and many more they have been able to make themselves a one stop shop. Many companies that focus on one area leaving their clients short changed because they can only offer those services which they personally provide. Many companies begin to have to outsource in the hopes that their clients find a solution without being able to view the whole picture to make accurate decisions for their clients. A company’s capability to review all the options available is invaluable because the industry is not a one size fits. All programs and situations for homeowners need their specific needs met in order to succeed.

The never ending pursuit of improving their services have now brought Absolute Consultant Group Connected with Wachovia for Processing Short Sales in Bulk. Absolute Consultant Group is looking to see improvements on time frames and no longer dealing with the standard servicing line of agents, but a new exclusive Wachovia Fast Track Program created for working swiftly through the processing Absolute Consultant Group’s files. Right now Wachovia is processing thousands of short sales nationwide so that means that when an agent submits a short sale you can only imagine how much attention that particular file receives being lumped with the rest of them.

Best part of all Absolute Consultant Group has now decided to begin opening its door to agents and agencies and processors working in large volume to partner and use their portal. As short sales are expected to grow, delays are expected to increase, and the system that is already clogged up is going to be pushed to the breaking point. Why go in the same door as everyone else? If you need help reach out to us at 888-934-3444 or post your questions and concerns below by clicking on the right side and using your favorite logins to sign in.

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