Foreclosure Postponement Team

Our group of negotiators have worked for the largest lender in the US and now the World and their experience brings the knowledge it takes to get your deals done. Whether it is buying more time for a short sale or getting the time need to modify your loan our account managers have stopped sales even after the auctions have begun. That means it is just about never too late. Stop foreclosure before the foreclosure stops you!

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Absolute Consultant Group.

We’re Your Voice in the Industry .™

Absolute Consultant Group started in the Loss Mitigation industry in early 2000's. We worked for the one of the largest loan servicers in the US in their loss mitigation/foreclosure department. Speaking with approximately a work flow of several thousand cases a month and several years of experience they created an organization dedicated to helping homeowners. Our Goal here is to increase the accuracy and awareness of loss mitigation information found on the internet while creating a forum for homeowners and professionals alike to find the information on up to date mortgage servicer/lender guidelines. — MLReport Management Have a question? Call us 888-934-3444

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