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About Us

We are a team of negotiators that have operated nationwide for one of the largest servicing houses. We have managed procedures and the application processes mediating between homeowners, real estate professionals and the lenders involved. We have also been providing in house networking for investors, real estate agents, lenders and other real estate professionals(Conventional Lending (FHA/VA)/Hard Money).

With large backgrounds in project management we have worked along with attorneys, trustees, banks, etc., before and during foreclosure process, we bring direct experience with real estate, financial consulting and debt negotiations. ACG is here to assist the homeowners attempt to keep their home if they so desire. If they want to sell they will work with an agent in order to help complete a short sale. There are many other programs that may suit your needs so speak with a mortgage counselor today.

Company Goals:

* Corporate Networking with large firms with substantial growth patterns looking to expand further to deeper untapped markets only reachable through our loss mitigation firm. Focus on negotiations between loan servicers, homeowners and third party.
* Expand further to new languages. With English and Spanish departments already having broken ground and laid a foundation we are going to begin making way with new language departments to better assist new demographics.

Our Specialties:

Foreclosure Postponements, Short sales, Forbearances, Repayment Plans, Deed in lieu, Loan Modifications, Lot line adjustments, Assumptions, and many more. Too many options to list all experiences.

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Mortgage Lender Report Management

We bring time saving results. Why work at a snails pace? Get more done in less time. Contact us today for your free consultation. No obligations! No Reason not to.  We have experience managing different programs that may modify the terms of your loan/agreement including adjusting the principle and changing the rates on your loan.

*Investors are no longer postponing like they once used to and getting a second chance is not always guaranteed. Don’t waste a minute. Set up an appointment today.

Loan Modification Tel: (888) 934-3444

Call and ask about our FREE short sale processing help for homeowners. Don’t spend the time dealing with your lender because we’ll do it for you. Helping hundreds of homeowners through tough situations when time is of the essence.

Short Sale Tel: (888) 559-5956


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Physical Branch:

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