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CHASE: As of April the 2nd you better know it all! (Verification Questions)

CHASE: As of April the 2nd you better know it all! (Verification Questions)

As of April the 2nd Chase has changed up the verification process once again. At least we have seen this on with EMC (Chase side of the business) and the particular agents we were dealing with work both Washington Mutual loans as well as EMC's portfolio. They are not...

Bank of America: Puts stop to cash out refinances

Bank of America: Puts stop to cash out refinances

Bank of America certainly turned some heads last week when it told its retail loan officers nationwide that the lender will halt, for now, originations of cash-out refinancings, citing what it calls a "surge of refinancing activity" and capacity problems. A memo...

SB 458: What can save me from a short sale deficiecny? This does.

SB 458: What can save me from a short sale deficiecny? This does.

Senate Majority Leader Corbett came through for many homeowners in a tight pinch. Those that were worried about completing a short sale while still having a second mortgage that could come after them years later, commonly to what everyone refers to as seeking a...

New and Improved HARP Program to take affect March 1st

Fannie Mae: Bank of America’s HAFA program sees major changes… Leaves many homeowners in the lurch and forecloses on those who waited.

As of July 13th 2011 Bank of America received a new guidelines (or in the business it is called a directive) from our old pal Fannie Mae(FNMA). In this new guideline change they are requiring homeowners that look to go through the HAFA program to actually jump through...

CHASE: Short Sale Rule Kills Deals.

EMC: Chase slowly engulfs its prey until they become one and the same!

Starting July 1st Chase continued down their path of their slowest merger ever with EMC (Guinness Book of World Records currently weighing out if they qualify for any records). By Chase opening up their Collections Department and other Loss Mitigation Departments to...

Wells Fargo: Short Sales go through Equator… Well at least for the most part.

Wells Fargo has a long standing reputation to upkeep of being the fuddy duddy of the Loss Mitigation industry. I am sure that if they could convince people to submit their short sale and loan modification packages via the old horse drawn cart they would. Well in an...

Bank of America: Fannie Mae(FNMA) Loans to go through new ringer for HAFA Program Assistance for Homeowners

Would you think that they would let the homeowner's get off easily for that long? Well it seems that Fannie is back at it again. This time at Bank of America with a whole slue of new hoops for the very tax payers keeping their doors open. In this case it seems their...

HSBC to make some major changes to its Mortgage Divisions

In recent history time has shown HSBC to be in the process of consolidating its mortgage divisions. A recent letter sent out to our customers who have a mortgage that is being serviced by HSBC Mortgage Corporation division, in possibly yet another decline in their...

PNC Bank: Ordering a Pay Off Statement via 900 number. Strange… Just a little bit.

It is important that while servicing your client's loans with PNC Bank that you understand their Pay Off Statement Request Guidelines. Often when ordering a pay off it is no more than a request by phone but every so often you come across a lender that asks for you to...